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Permit, We Don’t Need No Stinking Permit!

One thing you must respect about Occupy Wallstreet (OWS) groups all across the country is that they don’t ask for permission. They just protest. No permits. No nothing! As a Tea Partier it has bothered me that we should jump through so many government mandated hoops to hold a protest. Should we allow them to [...]

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Tuesday – Health Care Rally Richmond

This Tuesday, May 10th, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear the Virginia case against ObamaCare. Please join us in support of Attorney Gen. Ken Cuccinelli’s case against ObamaCare for a Hands off My Health Care rally. This health care bill is onerous, expensive, unconstitutional and must be overturned. This is your chance to make [...]

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Nanny State & The Sussex Planning Commission: Gun Ranges

From Phillip Van Cleave NOTE DATE CHANGE: I have just learned that the Sussex County Board of Supervisors will NOT hear the proposed ordinance to restrict shooting ranges on February 17th.  The ordinance WILL be coming up on March 17th at 7 PM, so if you live in the general area, mark your calendars so [...]

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